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Mickey Hart Band Live at Gathering of the Vibes on 2012-07-21

Disc 1 - 1 Set
01 intro
02 Not Fade Away
03 Time Never Ends
04 Who Stole The Show
05 Franklin's Tower
06 Supersonic Vision
07 The Otherone >
08 Heartbeat of the Sun
09 track09
10 Cut The Deck
11 White Room

Collection MickeyHartBand
Band/Artist Mickey Hart Band
Date July 21, 2012
Venue Gathering of the Vibes
Location Bridgeport, Ct

Source AKG c460b/ck63(DINa,OTS) > Sonosax SX-M2 > Benchmark AD2K+ > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
Lineage Wave > Soundforge Pro 10.0(Fade,Track,Resample,Dither 16/44.1) > TLH > Flac
Taped by Ted Gakidis
Transferred by Ted Gakidis


Mickey Hart - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Dave Schools - Bass, Vocals
Crystal Monne Hall - Vocals
Gawain Mathews - Guitar
Ban Yonas - Keys
Sikiru Adapoju - Percussion
Ian "Inkx" Herman - Drums


Reviewer: Taper Corey - - August 1, 2012
Subject: setlist
03. Time Never Ends
04. Who Stole The Show
06. Supersonic Vision
08. Heartbeat of the Sun
10. Cut The Deck

track 9 is indeed Falling Stars
thanks for the recording, sounds gOOd!
Reviewer: J.G.V. - - July 28, 2012
Subject: Falling Stars
Thanks for the show Ted (~);} I believe track 9 is called "Falling Stars" you can check it with track 12 from 07/25/2012 House of Blues, Chicago.
Reviewer: zenm00n - - July 24, 2012
Subject: world music extravaganza
A fine recording of a very vital set by this fine outfit. Playing adventurous world music in the vein of Joe Zawinul or Peter Gabriel. Mostly songs from their brilliant new album but sprinkling in some Grateful Dead numbers and ending on a high note with Jack Bruce's classic "White Room".

Gawain Mathews plays some riveting guitar, Dave Schools is ofc a world clas bassist, Crystal Hall delivers some soulful vocals. All on the basis of the pulsating percussions. Excellent stuff.
Mickey Hart Band
by Mickey Hart Band
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Source: AKG c460b/ck63(DINa,OTS) > Sonosax SX-M2 > Benchmark AD2K+ > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
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